Saturday, 31 March 2012

Facebook Apps: What to Know Before Allowing Access

Every day I log-in to my Facebook account, I see 5-6 apps requests and ask myself if I should allow the app to access my profile. I hope everyone faces more or less the same situation. Facebook has become bigger and increasing in size every day, so it become more crucial to understand privacy implications and how your personal identifiable information will be used.

So next time before hitting the 'allow' button on any app ask yourself these question to fully understand these Facebook apps.

How much access these apps have? 
Facebook recently launched a new control screen which allows user to learn more about the application and what information it requires to run. Some apps require your public information, e-mail address, interest, demographic information etc.

Depending on your personal privacy preferences, you should make sure you review the app’s permission requests. Remember that once you install apps, your personal information can be shared with those developers.

How much control do I have on these apps?
The new app install screen gives you more authority in terms of restricting access to apps, as well as controlling activity visibility in your friends network. The audience selector allows you to decide visibility of app activity.

So with this new app install screen you have more control over apps and how they access your infromation.

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