Thursday, 29 December 2011

Google Censoring Offensive Images on Google Plus

Google has stepped into shoes of Censor Board when it comes to showing up your profile pic on Google Plus. Don't get surprised if your profile picture is removed automatically by the Big Daddy.
In an instance when earlier this week, Tech Crunch writer MG Siegler found that his Google Plus profile picture suddenly vanished from his profile. Thinking it as bug, it was re uploaded, but it was again removed by Google with following message:

As the first point of interaction with a user’s profile, all profile photos on Google+ are reviewed to make sure they are in line with our User Content and Conduct Policy. Our policy page states, “Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content.” Your profile photo was taken down as a violation of this policy. If you have further questions about the policies on Google+ you can visit, or click the “Content Policy” link located in the footer of Google+ pages.

This censorship has raised a debatable point about deciding - What exactly is offensive? Body language and signs differ from country to country across the world. Thumbs Up is a praising gesture in US where as it insulting gesture in Middle East. Okay symbol which signifies approval or pleasure in western countries, has a offensive meaning in Brazil.

Will Google think about it? Will the next censorship will be on text in Google Plus. We have to wait for answers to these questions. The success journey of Google Plus will depend entirely on how well they tackle such questions.

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