Saturday, 7 January 2012

Social Media Spends - An Increasing Threat for Paid Search Among SMBs

Borrell Associates conducted an extensive research detailing the social media phenomenon that’s prevailing among Small and medium size businesses. It details about how much SMBs are spending on social media marketing, what type of results they are expecting from this media and the overall effectiveness of this marketing model for SMBs.

Although lot of research has been done regarding adoption of social media among SMBs, this reports delves deep into various other aspects of this marketing model.

Social Media Adoption:

The report suggests that SMBs have already understood the current and future prospects of social media marketing and they already have presence on various social media sites which is between 45% and 75%.

Online Media Spends: 

Borrell's report estimates that with such adoptive nature of SMBs, soon Social Media Marketing is going to surpass Paid Search spends in 2012. 

In response to the question On which types of online advertising do you expect to spend money in (the coming year)? Social Media Marketing secured third spot.

So understanding the benefits of social media for businesses, it is advisable for SMBs to get ready for running a successful social media campaign for your business. 

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