Thursday, 16 February 2012

5 Bad Management Tactics - Avoid to Become Bad Boss

Managing people is not an easy job. But is it so difficult that you resort to certain dirty tricks which are unprofessional and can label you as a Bad Boss?

There are certain bad management moves which are often used in business world. I have identified 5 bad management tactics and also the better ways to handle these challenges. Try to adopt the best management practices which will led better results without hurting anyone.

1. 'Be a Professional'
Scenario: You want low and mid level employees to work for 60 hours a week but can pay only for 40 hours.

Bad Manager - Tries to resort on the statement "Be Professional" and tries to convince the employees to extend their working hours irrespective of the fact that the work is regular and does not requires extra hours to put in.

Good Manager - Know the worth of emplyee and pay accordingly. If its not possible for you to decide on your business model because its not viable.

2. 'I am Helpless'
Scenario: Emplyee expects a big raise which is not really deserved.

Bad Manager - Tries to avoid conflict by citing various unverifiable conditions or forces (like salary guidelines, HR Policies or Investor policy) which prevent him from doing this or else he would "really love to do, if it were possible".

Such vague statements never resolve the issue but increases resentment.

Good Manager - Discusses with the employee the real reasons because which big raise will not be coming. Tries to find out the areas of improvement in performance of employee and works on it with the employee to get better results next time.

3. High Employee Turnover 
Scenario: You want to reduce the expensive employee turnover.

Bad Manager - Believes fear is the best tool to handle this. He will email articles about bad economy, high unemployment rate etc. He may discuss the possibility of a layoff at staff meetings.

Good Manager - Improve your hiring process to find better fits for the jobs you need done. The better the fit, the lower the turnover.

4. Showing the Carrot
Scenario: You have a valuable employee which you want to retain, but can't pay what he's actually worth.

Bad Manager - Makes a series of vague, flowery promises devoid of actual commitments, details, and timelines. By Sshowing illusory carrots, the bad manager hopes that the valuable employee will stay put and keep quiet.

Good Manager - Create a great work environment where your star emplyees truly enjoy working, even though they might get paid elsewhere.

5. Sacrificial Goat
Scenario: You want to raise a controversial idea to top management but dont want to risk your image damage publicly if the idea back fires.

Bad Manager - Asks an employee to present at the big meeting, calling it a chance for them to 'gain some visibility.'And adds his idea into the presentation, if it hits the ceiling he gets the credit and if it fails employee is sacrificial goat to blame.

Good Manager - Discuss the idea with top management in one-on-one meeting before bringing the idea in public forum.

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