Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What Type of Facebook User You Are?

Most of us have presence on Facebook. We post, we share, we like, we comment and do much more on Facebook. So what type of Facebook user you are? Identify and have fun.

The RoosterThey feel that it is their job to tell Facebook "Good Morning" everyday. 

The 'Lurker' - Never post or comment on your posts but read everything you post. 

The 'Hyena' - Hardly ever say any thing. Then read your post and just LoL or LMAO. 

Mr/Ms Popular - Has 2000 friends for no reason. They are/want to have highest number of friends and flaunt it as their status symbol. 

The Gamer - spends most of the time in their Utopian world of  Mafia Wars, Farms. Generally these are found baking virtual cakes, growing up their farm, building up city.

The Cynic - World is the worst place for them to live. They are fed up with everything in their life and most of the time they are found venting out their anger/frustration on their wall. 

The Collector - Never posts/participates in any forum conversation but they join every group 
and become fans of the most random stuff. 

The 'Promoter' - Always send event invitation to things that you finally delete or ignore.

The 'Liker' - They know only like button on Facebook and use it to full extent. Most of the time they like your posts even without reading.
Drama Queen/King - They often post stuff like "I can't believe this!" or "How can you do this to me?" in the hope that you will ask what happened or whats wrong... but don't expect them ending the story. Their drama never ends.

The 'News Reporter' - Always update you about what they are doing and with whom. Even on deathbed they would think about updating their FB status first "Going to die soon". 

The Thief - Steals status updates and wall posts and posts it as their own. 

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